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From 2002 to 2009, we chose suitable products & materials from hundreds of European brands, specialized in Lighting, wall partition, carpeting, and furniture, therefore encompassing the whole office environment.



Interstuhl established inGermany, 1961. In 2008, achieved the Reddot & IF awards by the "silver chairs" series design.

Characteristics:Ergonomic, meet various postures, adjustable function, comfortable for a whole day.



Established in Germany, 1925.A manufacturer who is able to produce all kinds of office furniture. Characteristics: Setting up office spaces with a “CITY” concept.



Waldmann is established in Germany, 1928. It achieved Reddot award by EOS & DIVA series. The first to raise Twin-C dual illumination concept worldwide. "Lighting" does not only consist of light.

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