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Some local chain medical institutions have recently launched mobile applications that provide services such as electronic registration, vaccination appointments, electronic medical cards and video consultations, and plan to launch more diversified functions in the future, including electronic payment systems and real-time personal health data Information, and integration of medical files, etc., to facilitate medical staff and patients. This program has witnessed the new milestone of medical institutions towards electronic services, but if they can adopt document management solutions, integrate various documents and implement automated process management documents to improve productivity, they can also analyze the report data of various documents , As the organization's future operational decision-making policy.

In fact, many local medical institutions have begun to implement electronic document management. For example, Hong Kong has implemented medical and health services for many years, and implemented electronic medical records to interconnect public hospitals and private medical institutions participating in the plan. Some private medical centers also Electronic Clinic Management System (CMS) and Electronic Medical Record (ePR) have been adopted to replace paper files to record medical records, which is convenient for recording and searching medical records.


Smart Clinic Solutions can achieve:

Towards intelligent document management
However, electronic medical records are only the first step towards intelligent management. If a one-stop document management solution can be implemented and the automated document process is implemented, the relevant documents can be automatically transmitted to the employees of the relevant departments for rapid follow-up as soon as possible, simplifying the work process. Statistical analysis of all electronic documents and data will improve future work processes and even bring smart business decisions.

Integrate various documents for easy search
Through a one-stop electronic document resource library, integrate various documents, including internal documents such as medical records, accounting and drug procurement, and then use the index index search function to enable employees in different departments of medical institutions to quickly find the required documents. Compared with the traditional search through a shared hard drive, it is even better.

Promote workflow automation
The one-stop electronic document resource library can also implement automated workflows for medical institutions. For example, after the doctor enters the patient's drug list information, it is uploaded to the one-stop electronic document resource library and automatically guided to the staff of the pharmacy department. Through printing the drug list and handing over to the relevant staff for the dispensing process.

Provide report analysis to improve future workflow
The electronic file resource database involves various types of electronic file data. If statistics and analysis are made from different data to review and improve various work processes for the operating department, it will naturally promote business efficiency.

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