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Four Factors to Consider When Choosing A CoWorking Space

Coworking spaces have become the latest trend in the 21st Century business world. The good thing about coworking spaces is that they are incredible options for entrepreneurs and freelancers among others

Choosing a co-working space is not easy. There is a plethora of co-working spaces located all around the world, and new spaces opening up as you're reading this! So as you can imagine, analyzing every single one would take several lifetimes.

So, when choosing your ideal co-working space, make sure that you keep the following in mind:


Your coworking space location is a major factor in how much you value your work life. Just like in any other business, working from a location that is convenient, close to the CBD and full of opportunities is very important. Location in a prestigious neighborhood can impress potential clients. Having conveniences within walking or driving distance is a big plus as well; you’ll also want your space to be near your accommodation if at all possible. Not to mention, the availability and price of parking are also important things to take into consideration.

The Amenities

Every good coworking space should provide you with the facilities and amenities you require to maximize your productivity such as comfortable seats, unlimited coffee, printing and fast internet.

Each coworking space comes with its unique amenities with some having more attractive packages as compared to others, so try to choose a space that doesn’t disturb the balance of being both economical and convenient for you to get down to business.


This is a very important factor in choosing a coworking space. When starting up a new business, there are a lot of investments involved. You definitely want to keep your expenses to a bare minimum level. So, choose an appropriate coworking space that fits your budget. Seeing your monthly rent become a liability for you is the last thing that you would want.

Community events

 A lot of coworking spaces organize weekly community events, including talks from successful entrepreneurs. Many of the events also bring in some very influential people and investors as the chairpersons, which is great for networking. Look out for these dynamic spaces, as such events may turn out to be useful in gaining exposure for your business


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