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What is  Business Centre?

Business Centre refers an office an office arrangement providing individual offices for local representatives of large companies, professionals, or small-business persons, with sharing of common area, conference rooms, support staff, telecommunications services, office equipment, and other amenities.

In a competitive business scenario, companies are always looking for newer ways to reduce overheads, increase productivity and improve efficiencies. Moreover, when multinational companies (MNC) expand across geographies, it is not always possible to set up permanent offices from day one. Even in the case of start-ups and small businesses, infrastructure budgets are minimal; however, it is very important that the business puts its best foot forward.

Setting up an office in a prominent location is often a business requirement, but it is not always financially viable. Sky-high real estate prices and ever-increasing rentals often discourage companies from seeking office space at prominent locations.

Business Centres are best known for their serviced office spaces, all types of businesses, from international organizations to start-ups, require support infrastructure like meeting rooms, voice and video-conferencing facilities, reception services, hospitality services, facilities management and IT support. Business center will be delivered furnished. And there are always meeting rooms for rent. At a multi-tenant building there will not always be a meeting room present. Finally, you can rent flexible workspaces and not just (big) offices.

It also a professionally managed commercial facility that provides end-to-end business infrastructure for short to long term durations, which clients can choose from wide ranges and flexible options that fulfill their needs.


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