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The 7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is much more than an office alternative for small businesses – read our top 6 benefits of coworking spaces.
Gone are the days of being forced to choose between working at a corporate office or from the comfort of your own home. Now you can have the perfect mix of both at a coworking space. This innovative way of working has been shaping the way we work ever since its introduction. Coworking spaces have been rapidly increasing by numbers over the last few years.
While we could go on and on about the advantages of coworking spaces, here are 7 benefits to keep in mind if you’re considering a coworking space.
1. Cost Efficient
Running a small business or freelancing can already have quite a few overhead costs. Becoming a member or tenant of a coworking space is an easy way to eliminate many of those. No need to worry about additional utility bills or service providers. Everything you need is ready for you, just bring your laptop!
2. Networking through Coworking
Working alone places a barrier between you and people who could potentially help your business. Another one of the benefits of Coworking is that it puts you near people who might have vastly different skillsets or solutions to problems, allowing you to “pick their brains”. If you can find a coworking space that aligns with your field of work, it makes this benefit all the stronger.
3. Flexibility
Many new businesses or freelancers aren’t able to fully commit to long office leases or hefty deposits. With various membership options, you can choose what works for you and your business. Go month-to-month or even daily if you’d like. Members of coworking spaces also have the flexibility to set their own schedule and work when they prefer. No need to work around certain operating hours or someone else’s schedule.
4. Becoming More Effective
An office environment creates an energy and mindset that can only come from interacting with fellow workers. According to a study featured on Office Vibe, a coworking office environment made 64% of entrepreneurs more productive, 68% of entrepreneurs more focused, and 90% of entrepreneurs more confident. In a coworking space, where everyone is busy on their own passion projects, this buzz will drive you on to make your own business a success.
5. Productivity
Imagine an environment without the stuffiness of a corporate office space but still more structure than your home office. Sounds perfect, right? That’s what we’ve created with a creative coworking space. Less formalities and distractions, more productivity. Being surrounded by other hardworking professionals like you can also give you that extra boost of motivation. You’ll also have also have access to professional amenities like fully equipped conference rooms that will help you make the right impression all while increasing your productivity.
6. Community/Networking
Being a freelancer or small business can be difficult when you don’t have a sense of community. With coworking spaces, you can still work by yourself but not alone. You’ll be introduced to many individuals that can serve as resources or sounding boards.
7. Diversity

Unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members and tenants working for a wide range of companies. This unique environment gives you an opportunity to gather insight and collaborate with like-minded professionals in different industries. Coworking spaces typically see less direct competition and more collaboration.


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