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Hacking is often happened in whatsapp. Hackers may steal your whatsapp account and send fake messages to your friends for cheating money.

There are two common ways to hack your whatsapp:

.Cheating whatsapp verification code. The hackers cheat as your friend and tell you that you will receive a     4 digits / 6digits SMS. Hacker will ask you reply with those digits. In fact, the hacker is trying to login your     whatsapp. The digits you received are your whatsapp verification code actually.  

.Send you a FAKE whatsapp website link. When you press on the link, hacker can get all the information        and permission of your device.

5 points to keep your whatsapp secured.

1.DO NOT click on whatsapp verification link which send by uncertain source in SMS

If you receive whatsapp verification link by SMS, please DO NOT click the link if you are not confirmed the source. Because it is a way to let hacker hacks in your whatsapp account. Although you are really have to do the verification, you can just copy the verify code to whatsapp for verification. It need not you press on the link.

2.Enable two step verification with your whatsapp account

Two step verification can enhance the account security but the default setting is suspended. You may enable this function by “Setting”>”Account”>”Two step verification”. After enable this function, if you need to use the same whatsapp account on different devices, you have to make a verification by SMS / phone call and also enter a customize 6digit password.

3.Notification Notice

Whatsapp’s default setting includes end-to-end encryption technique. A notification message “secure pin has been changed” will send to all conversations when user changes his / her mobile or re-login whatsapp.

4.Only install official version whatsapp from google play / appstore

There are lots of websites provide whatsapp.apk file, but these files could be rewritten or infected with malware. Therefore, download official whatsapp file from google play / appstore is a MUST.

5. Install antivirus application

Mobile is actually as same as computer which needs to install antivirus application, especially in android platform.  

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